Stek – open-hearted, at work for church & city

‘Stad en Kerk’ – the Foundation for City & Church – is a The Hague based organisation targeting and supporting the less privileged in society. Stek works on behalf of the Protestant Community of The Hague (PGG) and other social and church based organisations, of which PGG ‘Diaconie’ – social relief – is the most important. The foundation was established in 2004, is inspired by the vital power of Christian Faith and has dedicated itself to improving social harmony, quality and vitality of life in the city.

Stek wants to achieve her aims by providing facilities and expertise, and empowering people towards increased self-confidence and social independence. Stek also supports hundreds of volunteers and professionals in the (protestant) christian churches and affiliated organisations in The Hague. In bigger cities like The Hague more and more people are searching for new identities, as common identities of the past are disappearing. In spite of the diminishing influence of ecclesiastical institutions, religion remains a factor of great significance to the quality of community life.

Stek’s activities include church innovation, welfare work in walk-in centers, special programmes for women, the elderly and children, empowerment of socially marginalized people, financial and social aid and other programmes to advance social harmony in both neighbourhoods and city. Stek’s central office is on Parkstraat although it works from a couple of affiliated locations in the city, too. Do not hesitate to contact our organisation.


Stek – stichting voor stad en kerk
Parkstraat 32
PO Box 371
NL – 2501 CJ
Den Haag
T ++ 31 (70) 318 16 16.